D16 Group Punchbox v1.0.6(macOS)

Punchbox is a virtual instrument designed to create drum sounds of high quality. Content equally wide and exquisite factory designers delivered by industry standard sound Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound helps you start soon.

Synthesis and sampling shaking hands on a plugin
Punchbox easily combines the best of both worlds. The expressiveness of the synthesized sounds with the richness and complexity of the samples end up delivering a crushing sound kick, and I never heard overwhelming.

Each of the samples on board is a small diamond itself, designed with professional experience, precious studio equipment, instruments and top quality vintage analog equipment parts. Sound synthesizers kick, which come from the acclaimed D16 emulations of classic Roland drum machines, were taken to the next level and customized to fit perfectly the purpose of Punchbox.

Punchbox heart consists of four sound generators, each represents a key component of the final majestic sound. Factory settings were created to allow influence the sound of a single, intuitive and inspiring way.

Lot of content factory
The best sound designers prepared an arsenal of 1,100 presets and 800 samples suitable for almost all contemporary electronic music subgenres. It has never been easier to keep up or even surpass the latest trends in music production and sound quality standards. Organized using the labeling system known D16 makes finding the right sound (base) easy, efficient and hassle free .

A rack of effects that gives you your kicks
Comply with all requirements when carrying the sound of a blow to the next level led to the development team Punchbox to create an effects rack with (almost) unlimited power. Change the order of effects just by dragging and dropping? Varying amounts of effect with a simple click? Fueling an effect with only a small proportion sound generator X? It’s all there!

Intuitive workflow and inspiring
The Punchbox development team worked hard to provide an interface that understands your needs, and not vice versa. Will immediately forward to working with Lego and see how simple it is to enable / disable / level the basic components of a sound kick, and all that with just one mouse click, spin the wheel or drag your finger to the left. Do not you feel creative today? No problem, just explore the perfectly labeled presets or use the random generator sound!

Main features:
– sound source
up to 4 generators operating in parallel, enabled / disabled independently
Click – based on samples produced accent Kick
Tops: based on samples produced p. hihats, percussion and noise
Tools – Based on samples, produces nearly complete kicks without sub
Patada: sample – based or based on Synth, produces the body of Kick. 4 motors synthesis for Synth Mode to select from:
Model 909 Kick
Model 808 Kick
Model 606 Kick
Model kickoff based on sine wave
Sending audio effects generator
1 Voice polyphony
sensitivity optional MIDI speed and pitch tracking

– Shelf incorporated effects
five high quality algorithms operating in series, can be enabled / disabled independently and reordered by drag’n’drop:
crusher Bits
Controllable switching point in the effect chain for direct output of the generators (after Mixdown)

– Samples and presets
Great content factory designed by CFA-Sound and Sounds of Revolution
800 presets
1100 samples
properly labeled

Explorers preset and sample based labels
preview option

user can import own samples

7 predefined categories (ordered hierarchically)
global Presets / teachers
Motor 909 Synth
Motor 808 Synth
Motor 606 Synth
Motor Sine Synth
Effect Bitcrusher
distortion effect

– Option MIDI Learn
– Flexible Scrambler
– direct export function (export your final kick as WAV file)

Size:140 MB

Download Type:torrent

Download Here

Link-2 Google Drive

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