Waves Complete Bundle 10 (Win)

Waves complete bundle 10 for Windows.it’s fully free.you can download it to our forum.

What’s new:

June 18th, 2019

New release — Bass Fingers, now available as a single plugin as well as in the Inspire Virtual Instruments Collection.

Fixed: Bug that caused several Waves plugins (e.g. Waves Tune Real-Time, X-FDBK) running in SoundGrid applications to not pass audio or cause SoundGrid server disconnection and reconnection.

Fixed: Bug which caused long plugin scan and loading times on computers not connected to the internet, including longer session load times for MultiRack, SoundGrid Rack for Venue, and eMotion LV1.


1. Execute attached Install_Waves_Central.exe & install it
2. Run “C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves Central\Waves Central.exe”
3. Press “Install Product” =”Select offline installer” => Choose “*\Waves\” => “Move all” => and Install
4. Press INSTALL button & relax
5. Apply Waves_Complete_patch.exe

Download Here



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